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Discover natives!

“Drought-tolerant” doesn’t have to mean cactus and lava rock!


My company provides Consultation and Design Services to homeowners in the greater Ventura area.  I create beautiful, sustainable gardens using California native and drought-tolerant plants.

I welcome smaller projects and clients who are interested in doing some of the work themselves. I can also teach you how to care for your new plants once they’re installed. 

I’m excited to see that Ventura Water has just implemented a WaterWise Incentive Program to offer rebates to homeowners for removing turfgrass and replacing it with low water use landscaping. Click here for a link to more information about the program and instructions for applying. I am very interested in helping homeowners through this process. 

Please take a look through my web pages for an explanation of services, more about me, and some project pictures.


A drought-tolerant garden in bloom in August!

Want to change the look of your landscape, but don’t know where to start?